Sticky Note Journaling Week 2 – Life Goals

It is week 2 of the Sticky Note Journaling Series – Life Goals.
This week your goal is to write every day on one sticky note 1 goal you want to accomplish in the next 5 years.   It can be an easy accomplishment or something grandiose such as retiring in 5 years.   Don’t think too much about it.  Just let it flow.  So, at the end of the week, you could potentially have 7 goals you want to accomplish in the next 5 years.   Try not to repeat a goal from the previous day, but, hey, it is your journal.  If that goal is very important, then maybe it will keep recurring.

Pay Attention to Synchronicities

Once you have written this goal, be alert to the beginning of synchronicities.  Per Wikipedia, “synchronicity is a concept, first explained by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are ‘meaningful coincidences’ if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.”
Dr. Joe Dispenza says “Dare to ask for synchronicities related to your specific desired outcomes.  So, when events begin to occur in your life, you can choose to be like a scientist in a process of discovery.”  I recommend you keep notes on any synchronicities that occur relating to these 5-year goals.

You can choose to keep the sticky note or tear it into shreds.
Have a great week.
Joan Marie


My long career as a CPA and Certified Financial Planner has kept me locked into numbers for a long time. But, over those years, I have come to understand the power of journaling or writing ideas and thoughts on paper. My hope is for one of these books to resonate with you and to provide you the tools to get what you want in life.

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  1. Hi from a new member of NAPW! This idea of sticky notes is excellent! I am starting today!

  2. I’m going to do this too.

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