Will You Fake It in Retirement?

Have you been faking your real personality the past 30 years?  Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Millions of people have been caught in a profession that maybe really didn’t tap into their true personality.  I have just recently realized that I have a lot of introvert tendencies, but to get ahead I had to act like an extrovert.  Jack Canfield calls it a “situational extrovert”.   Consequently, there was a lot of stress in my life.  But, retirement can be different.

Guess what?  When you retire, you don’t have to be that person anymore.

Honestly, have you been pigeon-holed in a job for 35-40 years that didn’t fit your personality?  Have you been an analyst or bookkeeper for 35 years when you really would have been happier in sales or a more creative job?   Have you been in sales for 35 years when you would have been happy as a computer IT person writing code?  Or, this is very common, to get ahead financially, did you get into a management position when you were a more technical person or vice versa?

Unleash Your True Personality


Here is a quick, online free personality test for you.

The Quiet Revolution Personality Test

After you take the test, take the time to journal your results.

Were you surprised by the results?

Does it describe you perfectly?

Were you in the wrong job for your personality the past 35 years?

Do your friends and family expect a certain personality?  Think about this. 

What do you think your personality tests means for your retirement?

Can you think of activities you might like to try that you dismissed previously?



My long career as a CPA and Certified Financial Planner has kept me locked into numbers for a long time. But, over those years, I have come to understand the power of journaling or writing ideas and thoughts on paper. My hope is for one of these books to resonate with you and to provide you the tools to get what you want in life.

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