Power Behind Your Communication Style

Ah, what??? Do you know your communication style? I don’t mean are you an extrovert or an introvert. We all have a particular style of communicating. How we listen, speak, and observe can be very different from one person to another. When life changes, you may find yourself talking more with a professional such as an attorney, doctor, financial advisor, boss, realtor, banker, and so on.  Some of these professionals are communicating to you based on their communication style vs. yours. Continue Reading

Flower Power – Bullet Journal

Most people love flowers.  Some love flowers more than others.  The technique at the end of this blog will take flower lovers of any level to new heights.  The 1960’s activists may have been onto something with their “flower power” for peace.

Rutgers University recently conducted a 10-month behavioral study that explored the link between flowers and life satisfaction.  Their findings show that flowers are a natural moderator of moods and have positive effects on emotional health.  Here is a link for more on that study. Rutgers University Flower Power Study

Short Version – Benefits of Flowers in Your Life

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Journaling Workshops

Never been able to get into journaling, but wanted to?  You are in luck.  I am giving free one-hour workshops that will give you the reasons why you should journal and the techniques.

Achieve Your Life Passions

and Goals Via Journaling

I will share with you the science behind the benefits and power of journaling. Learn why journaling is beneficial to your health, wealth and well-being. Experiment with different journaling techniques to discover what will work with your personality and schedule.
Participants will
  • learn to journal effectively
  • set their goals and dreams in motion
  • and improve their mental and physical well-being through journaling
  • Each attendee will receive a free copy of Joan’s book (your choice of either of her books)
Questions: email Joan@JournalYourWayTo.com
Joan Marie Gagnon has written her first two books in the series Journal Your Way To. Joan started her CPA and Financial Planning business from scratch in 1997. In 1998 she learned from successful WSN members about journaling.  Joan is able to look back on those years and review her journals for evidence that journaling helped her make huge strides in her business and personal growth. Her desire is to help others embrace journaling as one method to attain ultimate health, wealth, and well-being.

Passions in Action

Get Ready to JournalIt is time to become your passions. This practice is a form of visualization but is going a bit deeper than the last exercises. Words have power. The written word creates a visceral response. This means that your reaction will create deep and emotional feelings versus reason, thought, or intellect.
This week select 3 of your top passions. Each passion should have its own piece of paper. Do not use the computer. This is a pen and paper exercise.
Write three to five sentences that describe what your life will look like as if you were living your passions today.  I call these your “signposts”. You’ll know your passions are alive when you notice these “signposts” materializing.


Don’t write about how you will get there.

Do not use negative words like “don’t,” “no,” or “not.”
Use positive words.  Have fun and use some “wacky” words, too.
I’ll put myself out there and use one of my passions as an example.

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Visualize to Ignite Your Passions

Ready for some fun?

I’m getting exciting feedback on the passion blogs.  I’ve been told, though, to keep the blogs short and sweet.   I encourage you to remain open to some of the suggestions in these next blogs.

The past two weeks you have identified and ranked your seven passions.   Now it is time to ignite your passions into existence by visualizing.  When you visualize, your brain starts to make new pathways of thinking.   All the good athletes visualize their success daily, and the accomplished visualizers make it to the top.   Jim Carrey, the actor, credits his success to his constant visualization.  You can google “famous people that visualize.”  It is amazing.


The steps below will help you get a clear picture of your passions.  Then, BOOM, watch what happens.


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Journal Your Way To A Peaceful World

Are you as sad and concerned about our World as I am? Watching the news, you probably cringe observing the World seemingly falling apart. What if you could take more control of creating a peaceful World?
Journal your way to a peaceful world

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