Visualize to Ignite Your Passions

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I’m getting exciting feedback on the passion blogs.  I’ve been told, though, to keep the blogs short and sweet.   I encourage you to remain open to some of the suggestions in these next blogs.

The past two weeks you have identified and ranked your seven passions.   Now it is time to ignite your passions into existence by visualizing.  When you visualize, your brain starts to make new pathways of thinking.   All the good athletes visualize their success daily, and the accomplished visualizers make it to the top.   Jim Carrey, the actor, credits his success to his constant visualization.  You can google “famous people that visualize.”  It is amazing.


The steps below will help you get a clear picture of your passions.  Then, BOOM, watch what happens.


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Your Seven Chunks of Life

Your Passions Create Your Happiness

In my last blog, I wrote about concentrating on your passions vs. your goals to get what you want in life.   Many people do not know what their passion is.   Do you know your passion in life?  Is it one passion?  Is it many passions?  Today, I’ll help you determine your passions.  You may be surprised by the outcome.  There is a wonderful book called, The Passion Test, by Janet and Chris Attwood.   Their website is

If you read past the first paragraph of this blog, you are ready to find your passions and start to take action to live them now.  You may be just starting out in your adult life, in mid-life, or getting ready to retire.  It is time.  Doing the steps below once a year can be very powerful over your lifetime.  Life changes and you should move with those life changes.  For most people following their passions makes them very happy.  Isn’t that what you really want out of life?

Science is beginning to indicate that we can only keep seven aspects of our lives in our consciousness.  If too much information enters the brain, it filters out the unimportant items.  Boy, that explains a lot!  Are your passions in those seven important chunks?

Steps To Finding Your Passions and Happiness

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Sticky Note Journaling Week 2 – Life Goals

It is week 2 of the Sticky Note Journaling Series – Life Goals.
This week your goal is to write every day on one sticky note 1 goal you want to accomplish in the next 5 years.   It can be an easy accomplishment or something grandiose such as retiring in 5 years.   Don’t think too much about it.  Just let it flow.  So, at the end of the week, you could potentially have 7 goals you want to accomplish in the next 5 years.   Try not to repeat a goal from the previous day, but, hey, it is your journal.  If that goal is very important, then maybe it will keep recurring.

Pay Attention to Synchronicities

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