Sticky Note Journal Week 1

OK, it is week 1 of the Sticky Note Journaling Series.   This week your goal is to write everyday on one sticky note 5 things you are grateful for.   It can be simple such as a great cup of coffee for breakfast or something bigger.   Don’t think too much about it.  Just let it flow.   So, at the end of the week, you could potentially have 35 things you are grateful for.   And, oh, you can repeat things from previous days.
You can choose to keep the sticky note or tear it into shreds.
Here is a wonderful article on scientifically proven benefits of expressing gratitude.  From Psychology Today
And, if you are on Pinterest, check out my board of fun sticky notes.  Pinterest Board
Have a great week.
Joan Marie

Are Daily Routines Important?

My daily routines changed when I retired and it has been difficult for me to manage these new routines.  So, I got to thinking about routines, in general.  Per the dictionary “a routine is a habit or sequence that doesn’t vary.    I thought, hmmm, good question for my weekly FB survey.

Without delay, I asked 1) Do you have routines you do every day?  2) What is the benefit? 3) Is there a negative aspect?

Here are the results:

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