Retirement – Let’s Practice

Have you ever thought of taking a trial run at retirement?  What???  Yes, try living on your retirement income to the best of your ability.

Determine what your income and expenses will be in retirement.    Could you live within those parameters for 6 months starting now?  How do you feel about this trial?

Are You In Denial When It Comes to Retirement? 

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Money Story and Retirement

Your Money Story
Money often costs too much.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

So, what is your money story?

Your money story is how money has impacted and is impacting your life now. First of all, it is a history of how you have handled it in the past. Then, how do you feel about it? Consequently, what has been the impact on your life decisions? Also, what is your family legacy around it, etc.

Does money flow through your hands like water? Or, are you a saver, consequently, never spending a dime? On the contrary, do you spend it, but have a budget to keep you from going overboard? Or, are you petrified of it and talking about it? Or, are you somewhere in between? This is an important question because being honest about your story could be the difference between a happy retirement and a stressful one.

Why You Need To Know Your Money Story

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