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Is Your Holiday Worry Quotient at 100%?

The Holiday Season is meant to be a joyous time, but more often than not the stress takes over and we can’t wait for the holidays to be over.  Does this resonate?  You probably don’t even realize your worry quotient jumped up.

My carefree friends, who think I am crazy when I say this, never worry.  And, I mean “never” worry.  Over the years I have observed them and begged them to give me their secrets to this serenity over the holiday season.

It comes back to one basic concept.  If you can’t control a situation, let it go.  Letting go takes a lot of practice.  I continuously work on not worrying and have noticed a difference starting to take effect.

As soon as I have a worrying thought, I immediately say to myself “change.”  And, my husband will also say “change” when he hears me worrying out loud.  I immediately ask myself one question.  “Do I have control over the situation?”  If the answer is “no,” I stop worrying. (most of the time)

Here is an exercise from my book,  Journal Your Way to Retirement, as it relates to worrying.  You can utilize this throughout your life. Continue Reading

Visualize to Ignite Your Passions

Ready for some fun?

I’m getting exciting feedback on the passion blogs.  I’ve been told, though, to keep the blogs short and sweet.   I encourage you to remain open to some of the suggestions in these next blogs.

The past two weeks you have identified and ranked your seven passions.   Now it is time to ignite your passions into existence by visualizing.  When you visualize, your brain starts to make new pathways of thinking.   All the good athletes visualize their success daily, and the accomplished visualizers make it to the top.   Jim Carrey, the actor, credits his success to his constant visualization.  You can google “famous people that visualize.”  It is amazing.


The steps below will help you get a clear picture of your passions.  Then, BOOM, watch what happens.


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Sticky Note Journaling Week 2 – Life Goals

It is week 2 of the Sticky Note Journaling Series – Life Goals.
This week your goal is to write every day on one sticky note 1 goal you want to accomplish in the next 5 years.   It can be an easy accomplishment or something grandiose such as retiring in 5 years.   Don’t think too much about it.  Just let it flow.  So, at the end of the week, you could potentially have 7 goals you want to accomplish in the next 5 years.   Try not to repeat a goal from the previous day, but, hey, it is your journal.  If that goal is very important, then maybe it will keep recurring.

Pay Attention to Synchronicities

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Sticky Note Journal Week 1

OK, it is week 1 of the Sticky Note Journaling Series.   This week your goal is to write everyday on one sticky note 5 things you are grateful for.   It can be simple such as a great cup of coffee for breakfast or something bigger.   Don’t think too much about it.  Just let it flow.   So, at the end of the week, you could potentially have 35 things you are grateful for.   And, oh, you can repeat things from previous days.
You can choose to keep the sticky note or tear it into shreds.
Here is a wonderful article on scientifically proven benefits of expressing gratitude.  From Psychology Today
And, if you are on Pinterest, check out my board of fun sticky notes.  Pinterest Board
Have a great week.
Joan Marie

Try Sticky Note Journaling

You might remember a couple months ago I asked a survey question on FB about why you hate journaling.  I got great feedback.  I promised that I would introduce you to journaling slow and easy.  You might even grow to like it.

Here is my journaling plan for you.

It is called Sticky Note Journaling.  Each week will have a theme.  Each day you will write your answers to that week’s theme question on a sticky note, napkin, corner of newspaper, whatever, but preferably a sticky note pad.  The answers should be simple.  Most likely just one or two words.   Doable, right?

Since journaling can be somewhat personal, you can choose to keep the sticky notes, post them on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, or rip them into shreds.  Also, you do not have to take any action after you complete each day’s question unless that is your desire.  Sounding more appealing?

This will start Monday, April 17th.  If you don’t want to participate, let me know via my email at joan@journalyourwayto.com.

I would love any feedback.

Enjoy!   Joan Marie

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3 Reasons People Hate Journaling.

I am writing a series of books to help with life and world issues that ideally involve the reader journaling their thoughts on the questions posed in the book.  There is some resistance on the journaling piece.   So, I asked my friends on my personal Facebook feed the question, “why do you hate journaling”?

Here are the responses:

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