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Life Transition and Retirement

Retirement Is a Major Life Transition 

Don’t kid yourself.  Without proper planning for the emotional side of retirement, you could end up floundering for a while when that new journey begins.   Take some time prior to retirement to ask yourself some provocative questions that will start you off running the day you leave your job.  Start today by asking yourself this question.  You should know this is just the tip of the iceberg.

What three words describe what retirement means to you?  Say the words out loud a few times.  I recommend writing the three words for more clarity.  Then, ask yourself the following questions and write your answers below each word.



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Are Daily Routines Important?

My daily routines changed when I retired and it has been difficult for me to manage these new routines.  So, I got to thinking about routines, in general.  Per the dictionary “a routine is a habit or sequence that doesn’t vary.    I thought, hmmm, good question for my weekly FB survey.

Without delay, I asked 1) Do you have routines you do every day?  2) What is the benefit? 3) Is there a negative aspect?

Here are the results:

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