Boredom Is Good For You

Boredom Before Greatness

I started craving boredom. Strange, eh? Don’t sign off yet.  This blog is for everyone at all stages of life.  

Picture of Boredom

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I recently retired.  Well, not that recent, I guess.  I retired from my more than full-time career as a financial advisor in February 2016.   About two months ago I realized I was busier than ever and had very little time to myself.  Sound familiar?   

I surveyed others about the benefits of being bored, and everyone cringed or started touting how full a life they had. Did I want to be called “a bore”?  I started to pull away from the thought of being bored fearing I was heading down the wrong road, but it kept raising its head.  So, as usual, I did some research. Continue Reading

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