Power Behind Your Communication Style

Ah, what??? Do you know your communication style? I don’t mean are you an extrovert or an introvert. We all have a particular style of communicating. How we listen, speak, and observe can be very different from one person to another. When life changes, you may find yourself talking more with a professional such as an attorney, doctor, financial advisor, boss, realtor, banker, and so on.  Some of these professionals are communicating to you based on their communication style vs. yours. Continue Reading

Is Your Holiday Worry Quotient at 100%?

The Holiday Season is meant to be a joyous time, but more often than not the stress takes over and we can’t wait for the holidays to be over.  Does this resonate?  You probably don’t even realize your worry quotient jumped up.

My carefree friends, who think I am crazy when I say this, never worry.  And, I mean “never” worry.  Over the years I have observed them and begged them to give me their secrets to this serenity over the holiday season.

It comes back to one basic concept.  If you can’t control a situation, let it go.  Letting go takes a lot of practice.  I continuously work on not worrying and have noticed a difference starting to take effect.

As soon as I have a worrying thought, I immediately say to myself “change.”  And, my husband will also say “change” when he hears me worrying out loud.  I immediately ask myself one question.  “Do I have control over the situation?”  If the answer is “no,” I stop worrying. (most of the time)

Here is an exercise from my book,  Journal Your Way to Retirement, as it relates to worrying.  You can utilize this throughout your life. Continue Reading

Boredom Is Good For You

Boredom Before Greatness

I started craving boredom. Strange, eh? Don’t sign off yet.  This blog is for everyone at all stages of life.  

Picture of Boredom

Free photo 775257 © Jason Kasumovic –

I recently retired.  Well, not that recent, I guess.  I retired from my more than full-time career as a financial advisor in February 2016.   About two months ago I realized I was busier than ever and had very little time to myself.  Sound familiar?   

I surveyed others about the benefits of being bored, and everyone cringed or started touting how full a life they had. Did I want to be called “a bore”?  I started to pull away from the thought of being bored fearing I was heading down the wrong road, but it kept raising its head.  So, as usual, I did some research. Continue Reading

Upcoming Fall Journaling Workshops

Back By Popular Demand

The journaling workshops held this past Spring were a big hit.  It really is time for you to take the bull by the horns and learn about the benefits of journaling. I know you have probably thought about journaling, but ” ugh, when will I find the time?” Right?

I will share with you my personal story of how journaling changed my life and business. I promise you will leave the workshop with the tools you need to begin. Journaling isn’t just about keeping a diary type notebook. Yes, that is one form of journaling, but there are so many other types of journaling that just might work for you and your lifestyle.

  • learn to journal effectively based on personality and style
  • set your goals and dreams in motion
  • and improve your mental and physical well-being through journaling

Two of the workshops will be held at my home and the other two workshops will be at the Westwood Council on Aging.  You are invited to both.

Check out my website for more details.  Journaling Workshops


Flower Power – Bullet Journal

Most people love flowers.  Some love flowers more than others.  The technique at the end of this blog will take flower lovers of any level to new heights.  The 1960’s activists may have been onto something with their “flower power” for peace.

Rutgers University recently conducted a 10-month behavioral study that explored the link between flowers and life satisfaction.  Their findings show that flowers are a natural moderator of moods and have positive effects on emotional health.  Here is a link for more on that study. Rutgers University Flower Power Study

Short Version – Benefits of Flowers in Your Life

Continue Reading

Journaling Workshops

Never been able to get into journaling, but wanted to?  You are in luck.  I am giving free one-hour workshops that will give you the reasons why you should journal and the techniques.

Achieve Your Life Passions

and Goals Via Journaling

I will share with you the science behind the benefits and power of journaling. Learn why journaling is beneficial to your health, wealth and well-being. Experiment with different journaling techniques to discover what will work with your personality and schedule.
Participants will
  • learn to journal effectively
  • set their goals and dreams in motion
  • and improve their mental and physical well-being through journaling
  • Each attendee will receive a free copy of Joan’s book (your choice of either of her books)
Questions: email
Joan Marie Gagnon has written her first two books in the series Journal Your Way To. Joan started her CPA and Financial Planning business from scratch in 1997. In 1998 she learned from successful WSN members about journaling.  Joan is able to look back on those years and review her journals for evidence that journaling helped her make huge strides in her business and personal growth. Her desire is to help others embrace journaling as one method to attain ultimate health, wealth, and well-being.
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