Joan M GagnonI’m Joan Marie Gagnon,
a consultant, writer and journaling fan.

I’ve had a diverse career even though I’ve been in the financial services industry for over 30 years. I worked for the government for a bit in the early years, dabbled in the restaurant industry and even managed a Bed & Breakfast for two years.

My interest in the power of the mind began in 1991 when I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I still pull the book out every few years to review. It is an old book written in 1937 for Andrew Carnegie. But, the real deal came when I read and participated in The Artist Way, by Julia Cameron. The daily morning pages proved to be very powerful for me when I first put out my shingle for my own business. Each morning I would write whatever was on my mind on lined 8 ½ by 11 paper for 30 minutes. Problems were identified and solved; outrageous ideas floated, doubts expounded upon, secrets revealed—you name it, and it was journaled about.

It wasn’t long before my business was flourishing. I didn’t have time to journal for 30 minutes a day. Now and then I would pop back into the habit and “poof” great, creative things would start happening again. It didn’t take a genius to know that journaling was very powerful.

As a financial advisor, I noticed that when individuals were getting ready to retire, it wasn’t just the money they were worried about especially if their work was their life. If they didn’t work, what would they do? Having studied financial transitions, I knew that retirement would be very challenging for some of my clients.

I retired a bit earlier than planned in 2016 and felt the stress and anxiety associated with being pulled into a different reality overnight. So, I started journaling and found that it was a huge help in the transition. Since then I have expanded on those initial retirement journal questions to form a complete circle starting before retirement and ending in a blissful retirement. Hence, Journal Your Way To Retirement was born.

For many years I have been following the science and spirituality connection. I feel very strongly that our happiness and disposition has a profound impact on those around us, and consequently the world. I put together some common sense journal questions that may help to bring world peace. Sounds magnanimous but just might work. Hence, Journal Your Way To A Peaceful World was born.


Joan M Gagnon


Mansfield, MA


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