Month: December 2016

Journal Your Way to Retirement

Get Ready to JournalRetirement?? – Nope, Not Me

Are you having trouble getting your head around retirement? Join the club. Not surprisingly, you probably are going through a myriad of emotions such as panic, fear, joyfulness, anxiousness, happiness, and on and on…………………………. The good news is there is a way to work your way through your emotions.

I recently retired and the transition was not as easy as I thought it would be. Even though I’ve studied financial transitions for many years, wow, when it came to my own transition, I was surprised at the many emotions that took over. Being a financial advisor, I would not have retired if money was an issue. But, I certainly could have prepared better for the emotional issues.

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Journal Goals, Live Goals

see the light by journalingWe are coming up on the first of 2017.  As usual, you probably are beginning to gather up in your mind the goals for the upcoming year and beyond.  In the book, Write It Down, Make It Happen, Henriette Anne Klauser, writes that “life is a decision”.   With 60 plus years under my belt, I can say it is true.  The focus of this blog, Journal Goals, Live Goals, will give you some tools to begin.

I would like to recommend that you begin journaling now to bring clarity to your 2017 goals.  Taking the time to really dwell on your goals will deepen the impact of the result.  Just because we write something down, doesn’t mean it is going to happen.  Yes, it does get the subconscious moving and synchronicities will start to happen, but along the way, we may have blocks and jam ups.  Planning for those blocks ahead of time will make the goal more attainable.

Let’s start with one 2017 journal goal.

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