Unexpected Benefits of Hobbies

Do you have a hobby?

A hobby is an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.  There are so many benefits mentally and physically to having hobbies.  Most people that have hobbies are very passionate about them.  When you are in hobby mode, you are generally in a state of mindfulness and presence.  It is a form of meditation for many.

Young woman with a guitar.

Hobbies are a great way to divert your busy life into another totally different direction from time to time.  Studies have shown that hobbies are beneficial to your brain because they can release positive chemicals into your brain such as dopamine and create new neuro-pathways.   Hobbies can reduce anxiety.  For instance, I get very anxious on airplanes.  The first thing I do is whip out my crocheting and I am good to go.  No need for tranquilizers as long as I have my crocheting project.

Many hobbies enable you to express yourself like no other.  You put your own mark on your creations such as painting, woodworking, singing, gardening, even cleaning or decorating your home.  Having hobbies can generate a sense of pride and accomplishment.

They sometimes enable you to have a special group of friends outside of work that has the same interests or benefits from your hobby.  Socializing is now being touted as a must for good brain health.

Hobbies can contribute to key pathways to human flourishing.  They can provide happiness, friendships, community, beauty, purpose and meaning.  These are just some of the pathways.

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Passions in Action

Get Ready to JournalIt is time to become your passions. This practice is a form of visualization but is going a bit deeper than the last exercises. Words have power. The written word creates a visceral response. This means that your reaction will create deep and emotional feelings versus reason, thought, or intellect.
This week select 3 of your top passions. Each passion should have its own piece of paper. Do not use the computer. This is a pen and paper exercise.
Write three to five sentences that describe what your life will look like as if you were living your passions today.  I call these your “signposts”. You’ll know your passions are alive when you notice these “signposts” materializing.


Don’t write about how you will get there.

Do not use negative words like “don’t,” “no,” or “not.”
Use positive words.  Have fun and use some “wacky” words, too.
I’ll put myself out there and use one of my passions as an example.

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Visualize to Ignite Your Passions

Ready for some fun?

I’m getting exciting feedback on the passion blogs.  I’ve been told, though, to keep the blogs short and sweet.   I encourage you to remain open to some of the suggestions in these next blogs.

The past two weeks you have identified and ranked your seven passions.   Now it is time to ignite your passions into existence by visualizing.  When you visualize, your brain starts to make new pathways of thinking.   All the good athletes visualize their success daily, and the accomplished visualizers make it to the top.   Jim Carrey, the actor, credits his success to his constant visualization.  You can google “famous people that visualize.”  It is amazing.


The steps below will help you get a clear picture of your passions.  Then, BOOM, watch what happens.


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Your Seven Chunks of Life

Your Passions Create Your Happiness

In my last blog, I wrote about concentrating on your passions vs. your goals to get what you want in life.   Many people do not know what their passion is.   Do you know your passion in life?  Is it one passion?  Is it many passions?  Today, I’ll help you determine your passions.  You may be surprised by the outcome.  There is a wonderful book called, The Passion Test, by Janet and Chris Attwood.   Their website is

If you read past the first paragraph of this blog, you are ready to find your passions and start to take action to live them now.  You may be just starting out in your adult life, in mid-life, or getting ready to retire.  It is time.  Doing the steps below once a year can be very powerful over your lifetime.  Life changes and you should move with those life changes.  For most people following their passions makes them very happy.  Isn’t that what you really want out of life?

Science is beginning to indicate that we can only keep seven aspects of our lives in our consciousness.  If too much information enters the brain, it filters out the unimportant items.  Boy, that explains a lot!  Are your passions in those seven important chunks?

Steps To Finding Your Passions and Happiness

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Concentrate on Passions Or Goals?

Goals vs. Passions

Importance of Passions vs. Goals-

Concentrate on your passions vs. your goals and watch what happens. Do you find it difficult to find success, happiness, and purpose in life while others seem to swim in it? Do you put your hobbies and passions on hold for a “someday”?

I have been extremely goal oriented my whole life, but now that I look back, I realize I didn’t always follow my passions.  If you follow your passions, your goals will automatically identify themselves effortlessly.

So, just what is your definition of passion (non-relationship, of course)? Here are some thoughts. Which ones are right for you?  These questions would be great items to journal about, too.


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Journal Your Way To A Peaceful World

Are you as sad and concerned about our World as I am? Watching the news, you probably cringe observing the World seemingly falling apart. What if you could take more control of creating a peaceful World?
Journal your way to a peaceful world

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